In the second half of 2015, UMI Arts and its partners delivered Certificate III in Media accredited training to UMI Arts members.

For three days a week over four months, particpants developed skills and knowledge in photography, video and sound recording and editing, lighting techniques and workplace health and safety. Participants created social media accounts to market their progress and met with industry professionals to learn about a range of roles and pathways.

Training took place at the UMI Arts premises, utilising all spaces and facilities including the training room, music studio and galleries. An exhibition of photo-essays created as part of their training was included in the Visual Arts Program, and exhibited in the UMI Arts Gallery. Throughout the training program, emphasis was placed on the use of a variety of equipment and software, from high-end to consumer level.

"the approach used in this project enabled particpants to apply their skills to a range of situations, and adapt to whatever equipment they have access to at any given time"

Guy Hancock Project Manager and long standing partner of UMI Arts

UMI Arts’ Certifcate III in Media training was delivered in partnership with Brisbane Indigenous Media Association, Triple A Training to provide Members with the skill sets necessary to progress their career aspirations and secure meaningful employment in the music, arts and/or media industries.

The training was made possible through Queensland Government, Certificate 3 Guarantee funding and the Indigenous Training Strategy, Queensland Government Department of Education and Training.